Yogi Lotus Folding Meditation Bench

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The Yogi Lotus folding meditation bench supports much of the weight of your body so that there is less pressure on knees, feet and ankles — making it ideal for people with flexibility challenges or painful joints/muscles. Although seeking enlightenment doesn't require a bench, having one sure makes the journey a lot more comfortable.

Product Features

  • Compact folding bench with angled seat.
  • Bamboo material is lightweight, durable & eco-friendly.
  • Sturdy hinges for reliable support.
  • Magnetic closures keep legs from unfolding during transport.
  • Eases strain on knees, ankles and lumbar region.
  • Folds and fits into a convenient carry bag.
  • Size: 50 cm x 18 cm.
  • How to use:

    1. Fully extend the bench legs, positioning the higher end of the bench at the back and the lower end facing forward.
    2. Place the bench just behind you. Then, get yourself into a kneeling position, with your bottom rested on your feet/ankles. Next, raise your bottom upward off your ankles. Keep your feet flat behind you and move the bench towards you until it’s directly above your ankles. Then, simply rest your bottom onto the bench until seated.
    3. Sit upright with a straight back, with your head and neck in line with your spine. You may need to adjust the bench forward or back a little to find the most comfortable seated position.
    4. Kneel up and off the bench and move the bench out of the way to end your session.
    5. Caution: Avoid using the bench on bare floors like hardwood to avoid slips. Some find that using a thin cushion under the knees is helpful as well. Make sure the legs of the bench are fully extended before you sit on it.
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