In addition to offering so many magical and healing things, we strive to provide a peaceful space for all visitors to explore, learn, and experience themselves at a new energetic level.


We cleanse, charge and protect the center to maintain a safe and high vibrational atmosphere that serves as a source of light in the local community.


Visit us in Sandy Hook, CT and we know you will find our space to be a valuable resource of beauty, rejuvenation, guidance, and optimism for those on the journey of reconnecting to their true nature!

good vibes within


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New Insights Boutique is inspired by one person’s journey of self discovery. 


“I found that there is great meaning and value to all things that happen in our lives. This was the birth of New Insights Metaphysical Boutique…


In my quest for understanding I have found many useful and beneficial tools to aid in the discovery of one’s true nature. I have come across some of the most gifted and talented people and found that Earth herself provides us with subtle clues to guide us along our paths.


Each of us has a story to tell and each story is important to the whole. This boutique is meant to be fun, interesting and perhaps add value to your search for truth.” – Susan Bucur CEO 


We are proud to be a beacon of light in the Sandy Hook community!


Photo of Sue

Susan Bucur

Owner and CEO
Photo of Sam

Samantha Bucur

Curator and Creative Director
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Fairy Enthusiast & Jewelry Connoisseur
Photo of Lisa F.

Lisa Fontanella

Author, Graphic Design & Virtual Pioneer
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Customer Service Aficionado


“Energy on its own can produce nothing, consciousness gives it form and direction. Consciousness without energy is dormant power, also unable to create anything on its own. When consciousness and energy unite, action and creation arise.” 

-The Masculine in Relationship