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Amber is an ancient petrified sap that still retains a subtle scent. The scent and energy of amber reminds us that although our lives are but a tiny moment on this Earth, our impact can reach through the millennia. Amber's power is still to be fully discovered, as it enhances and empowers whatever spell or intention you are projecting. It aligns you with the creative powers of the universe, enhances your psychic abilities and strengthens your connection to the akashic records. with its powerful vibration, it repels negative energy and draws loving energy, making it a powerful tool for love and protection spells.

Sandalwood raises energetic vibrations to a higher level of spirituality. Sandalwood defers negativity. For meditation, it will create a deeper connection with your higher power.

Patchouli oil contains a grounding scent that connects you to the rhythm of life and attunes you to ride its flow.

Frankincense releases a powerful vibration to clear negative energy, purify the spirit, and consecrate your altar. It is added to sachets for luck and spiritual protection. It is very good for mental issues that are brought on by fear, stress, depression, and tension; ridding the psyche of obsession and cutting ties and memories that bind one to the past.

Put honeysuckle oil on your money candles or sachets as a boost of good luck!

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