London Luxury Cleansing Intention Candle

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London Luxury Candles Cleansing, Manifestation Intention soy wax candle with infused crystals. Palo Santo Fragrance - Well known for its cleansing properties Black Tourmaline - Promotes protection and cleansing Lapis Lazuli - Quickly assists with serenity, peach and love Red Jasper - Provides rich nurturing energy and comfort Black Salt - For protection, emotional barriers, absorbs negative energy from your environment Our intention or manifestation tin candle works with your intent and provides a long burn time.

TIN Size: 8 oz tins, holds 7 oz of wax 3" W x 2" H" 100% Soy Wax Luxury Fragrance Oil Burn Time: 40+ Hours 100% Cotton Wick Zinc & Lead Free USA Made Wax Moon

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