Good Vibes & Crystals Divination Teacup

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Stir up some natural magic with these Divination Teacups. Your customers can collect each one to create a set for all their magical needs. Each teacup comes with a matching saucer and is the perfect tool for the art of tasseography! Choose from our 3 options: Crystalline Knowledge.

. Tasseography is a form of divination, or fortune-telling, where you interpret patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or even wine sediments. After finishing your brew, observe your tea leaves and see what images and feelings come to mind.

✨ Details: - Each cup is 6 oz. - Comes with teacup and saucer - Teacup measures 3 5/8" w x 2" deep - Saucer measures 5.5" w - Includes a comprehensive guide to the art of tasseography

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