Andrea Michelle Flyer

Tarot & Psychic Medium Readings

by Andrea Michelle

Andrea has been reading since the age of just 10 years old, continuing on to become a professional, full-time Intuitive and Psychic Medium after the unexpected passing of various important people in her life.

I consider myself rooted in the Tarot and for me it is my first language. I believe that Readings are an individual experience that can help in anything from relationship issues, stress levels, to closure with passed loved ones. Although every reading is different, it is not uncommon for information from loved ones who have passed over to come through.”

The experience of Andrea’s readings can help people cope, get answers to tough questions, and gain a higher understanding of themselves.

“Honestly, what I most frequently hear from clients is they are able to take a deep breath and just “plain ol’ feel better “ after I have read them.” – Andrea