Rough Rose Quartz Large

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The Rose Quartz stone is strongly attached to both the heart chakra and the throat chakra. But it’s not a stone that simply rests in romance. Rose Quartz speaks softly to all kinds of love; from healing communication with family to developing a deeper bond with spouses and friends, and even bringing sweeter notes of self-care into your own world.

Rose quartz imparts a mild fire energy in Feng Shui. A rose quartz statuette or carving gives off an energy that can improve relationships within the family as well as the community. Rose quartz fire energy brings brightness, warmth, activity and enthusiasm. This fire energy will have a positive effect on concepts, ideas and sexual relationships. Traditionally, rose quartz is situated in a south room or area within the home which is also commonly known as the place of fame and reputation within a dwelling.

Measures between 4" - 7"

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