Oracle of the Birds: A 46-Card Deck and Guidebook

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Includes 46 beautifully illustrated full-color cards featuring different birds as well as a guidebook

• Explains the meaning, message, and medicine of each bird as well as an affirmation to work with that bird’s unique qualities

• Explores how birds connect to the world of the immortal soul and can bring messages from loved ones who have passed on

Recognized as spiritual messengers, birds serve as a connection between the physical world and the world of spirit. The appearance of a special bird after a loved one has passed over is often seen as their soul guiding us from the otherworld. Birds can be potent allies and power animals, giving us light and leading us into the world of the immortal soul. Quick in their movements, with their ability to take flight instantly, birds carry the spiritual quality of freedom. Gliding on the wings of a bird we literally take on a superior view, a wider perspective from above, and can recognize and understand connections that we might not have seen before.

Created by Jeanne Ruland and Petra Kühne, this deck shares the spiritual messages and powers that birds can bring to us. The deck consists of 46 beautifully illustrated cards featuring different birds, as well as cards representing the feather, the nest, and the egg. Each individual bird brings a specific medicine and unique gifts and talents to help you find healing, growth, and insight on your spiritual path. Each card shares the medicine of the bird shown and a brief message about the meaning of their presence. In the accompanying guidebook, the meaning of each bird card is detailed along with an affirmation focused on the bird’s unique gifts.

Whether eagle, hummingbird, phoenix, or swan, Oracle of the Birds features native, exotic, and mythical birds that stand by our sides as advisors and guides and help us gain new perspectives with their bird’s eye view of physical and spiritual realms.

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