Magnesium Deodorant Mystic Forest

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This natural, baking soda-free deodorant that works all day, in a convenient and biodegradable push-up tube.

Choose from three scents in top-notch tubes! Skin conditioning, organic plant oils and butters moisturize and soothe while magnesium, coconut and essential oils create an inhospitable environment for smelly bacteria and arrowroot powder soaks up moisture. And yes, it really does work! Net wt. 2.3 oz in biodegradable tube.

Ingredients: extra virgin coconut oil,* arrowroot powder,* magnesium oxide, beeswax,*∞ shea butter* and essential oils.**

**South Slope: lavender,*∞ geranium,* and ylang ylang.* Mystic Forest: bay laurel,* cardamom,* and cypress.* Royal Grove: bergamot,* manuka,† and frankincense.*

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