Hamsa Hand Salt Lamp Oil Diffuser

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  • Himalayan salt rocks are a natural air purifier. Reducing allergen levels in the air, decreasing electromagnetic chaos, emitting healthful negative ions and are a mood booster .
  • The therapeutic glow of salt rock hues infuse natural calm into the environment, bringing a gradual sense of comfort and well-being. Easy to maintain and anti-microbial .Ultra Safe , never gets too hot, can be on 24 hours.
  • Himalayan CrystalLitez are a natural essential oil diffuser. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oils on top of the salt rocks and they will diffuse the oil all night long.
  • Includes:(Handcrafted glass bowl ,6 Ft UL listed dimmer cord with base, 2 of 15W light bulbs and 2.2 LBS salt rocks with spare ones)
  • Size: 4.8" width X 5.5" height Size: 4.8" width X 5.5" height
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