Glass Rhapsody Friendship Glass Balls

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Glass Rhapsody/Mainly Glass works with a variety of art glass artisans from the Europe and the US. Each piece is completely hand made with attention and brilliance by individual glassblowers.

Many of the symbolic shapes have been done for decades and traditionally hung in the home year round for different purposes. Other unique shapes can also double as ornaments for holidays or other occasions. You will marvel at some of the creative shapes and designs that their artists have come up with.

This tree of life represents Winter. Tiny wisps of purple and white add depth to cool, ice-inspired blues

This fairy tear drop is a compelling mixture of fluid swirls of emerald green and amber. Wisps of black add even more drama. The internal glass strands of the fairy tear drop are similar to those of the Witch Ball or Fairy Ball.

This soothing dragon egg is a harmonious blend of emerald green and cobalt blue.

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