Daily Dose Inner Connections Dice & Affirmations Deck Set

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Our outer experience reflects our inner concepts of ourselves. By shifting our inner talk, the outer world begins to shift. Our handcrafted dice set is intended to assist in transforming our inner self concepts and by incorporating a daily roll of the dice along with an affirmation card we can cultivate a more intentional pattern of inner thought which will begin to manifest in the outer world.

Either pull a single dice out of the velvet pouch or roll all of the dice to create a word or phrase. Pull a card out of the affirmations deck and combine the two to create a daily mantra or meditation focus. The key is to insert the word or phrase into the subconscious to override any negative patterns. Combine this with any tarot or oracle reading to gain further insights or use as an intro to a journal or gratitude entry.
Our hand carved dice set features 26 expansive words
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