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Bismuth relieves symptoms of isolation, both spiritually and emotionally. As a stone of transformation, it calms disorder and helps push changes in the right direction with a physical vitality, connecting to “all that is”.

Bismuth is reviewed as a heavy metal that is brittle and possess the silvery-white crystalline that alters its color from pink to red and vice versa. It is naturally extracted out with the shimmering tarnish of the oxide, thus the vibrant rays of blue, yellow, red, pink or green can be seen.

The 83rd element of the periodic table, Bismuth forms the convoluted structure with the beautiful hues. The hopper shape of the Bismuth stone is due to its high growth rate on its internal faces in addition to the outer edges. The attracting colors of the stone formed due to the development of a thin oxide layer on its surface too arise in the similar fashion. The color appears same like the glittering color shines from the oil droplet split on the water. The intensity of the color range depends on the thickness of the film.

Each piece measures 1"-2"

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