Aura and Chakra Scans with Lisa Fontanella (Sat. May 13th, 11-5pm)

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Get a photo and interpretation of your Aura with Lisa Fontanella!

I partner my intuitive nature with a fascinating biofeedback tool called a Bio Pulsar Reflexograph (aura and chakra scans, for short). Different than Kirlian photography, the Biopulsar-Reflexograph system is a biofeedback tool that gives information and objective interpretations for the bioenergetic information for 50 organs, the full body electromagnetic field and seven major energy centers.

Accessing the real-time energetic information, allows the practitioner to instantly analyze the patient on a holistic level. This means they can analyze someone not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually \ as well. Plants, animals and humans all have a particular ‘vibe’ which is called electromagnetic energy. Every living thing has an energy. Just as we change from moment to moment; the colors of this energy are ever changing. My aura when I’m calm and relaxed will be different from when I am in a time of high stress. Chakras are energy centers in the body. This is how I describe chakras to clients.;; Chakras are like water that flows through a pipe. If all is well, the water flows freely. If however, the drain has a hairball or a grease blob, the water is not flowing smoothly. Chakra energy flows in your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head, just like a pipe. Sometimes we get an energy blob or low energy and a chakra may not be flowing at full speed. During a session with me, I give you practical things that you can do at home to ‘clean out your pipe’ and support your chakras. PSST…I even give out tools to practice outside the office!

  • 15 min. Session: Includes a Chakra scan with interpretation and a picture of your Aura: $45.00.
  • 30 min. Session: Includes an Aura scan, Chakra scan with interpretation and a picture of your Aura: $65.00
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