life in the afterlife April Flyer

April 11, Thursday, 6:30-8:30

SPECIAL Topic Discussion: Life in the Afterlife: What do we Know?

· Based on published reports from Near Death Experiencers (NDEs), Out of Body Experiencers (OBEs), and Channeled documents.

· Early civilizations (Egypt, Pre-Buddhist China), Sweden (1700’s), Modern Spiritualism and Brazilian Spiritism, 20th – 21st century Western reports.

· Discussion only; we will not be practicing mediumship during this session.

· Intended to increase awareness of various interpretations of life after death.


“My experience with mediumship is limited, through Elizabeth Raver DeCesare I have had several beautiful connections. She is very sensitive and careful In what she says and does and makes this journey very safe and rich!” 

~ JK, Poughkeepsie, NY


“Dr Liz (as she’s affectionately known) is not only a terrific person, but a truly gifted medium, healer and intuitive. She has the ability to connect and receive very clear evidential messages. She has done extensive research and study for over 20 years and has the ability to convey that information with clarity and warmth. If you decide to work with her you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend her.”

~Reverend Shirley R Bloethe, Asst. Pastor – Spiritualist Church of Love and Light, Executive Director Holistic Community Professionals

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