intro to dowsing april

Dowsing has been used by people all over the world to search for water and mineral ores. But did you know dowsing is also an inquiry tool and can be used for personal inquiries, simple yes and no questions?

Using L-rods we will tune in to our bodies and begin to connect to the rods, know when we are influencing the rods and when the rods act independently to help with our questions.  We will learn how to ask a good clear question to receive the best interpretation.

Most importantly we will have the basics of a rewarding, meditative practice that you can continue work on individually and with friends and family.


My reading with Deb was so helpful and interesting. I felt she immediately tuned into my essence, and then she read the cards, and confirmed and expanded on what she initially picked up. She gave me insights that helped to confirm that I’m taking steps in a path that serves my soul. If you are looking for information and guidance on your journey, go see Deb!”

~ Cindy D

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