Crystal Class with Stephanie B Flyer

We’ve heard how beneficial crystals can be for us, but how exactly do they work?

In this class, we’ll explore the science (and magic) behind why crystals are such powerfully effective tools.

We’ll discuss how modern science and ancient wisdom view crystals, experience a crystal connection through guided meditation, and deepen your connection with energy work with hands-on exercises.

Friday, February, 24, 2023, 7:00-8:30
Registration: $50

For nearly 15 years, Stephanie has focused her wellness practice on holistic health and complementary therapies. As a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, an Advanced Crystal Master, and a Licensed Massage Therapist, Stephanie is an accomplished energy worker, masterfully integrating her knowledge, skills and experience into deeply relaxing and restorative healing sessions. She is committed to educating and empowering her clients to take charge of their
health: body, mind, and spirit.

Pre-Registration Required

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