Astrology Readings

Ivette’s virtual Astrology readings can help you answer questions like:
-What is my soul’s purpose?
-Why is it difficult for me to know what I want?
-What are my natural gifts and talents?
-What will allow me the greatest sense of happiness and fulfillment in my life?
and much more!
Choose from 3 tiers:
☀️Sun, Moon & Rising: – Your Ascendent (Rising Sign) provides information about identity, relationships, home life, and vocation. Your Moon sign represents our basic needs, instinctive responses, and inner emotional life.
🏠+Houses: – There are 12 houses, each representing a specific area or areas of life such as career, money, relationships, and friendship.
🌎+Planets within Houses:  – The Planets each play a unique role in forming a detailed tapestry of character and life experience.
You will receive a detailed packet via email after your reading with Ivette!
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